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Wall Cladding Supply - Sydney, Penrith, Windsor, Campbelltown, Wollongong & Central Coast

When choosing wall cladding for your building there is a wide range of profiles from which to choose. Whilst roofing and walling have to keep out the weather, they also have significant effects on the looks, cost and durability of a building. View our wide range below or call today.

Roofing and Wall Cladding Supplies in Sydney

One Stop Roofing, your one-stop metal roofing shop supplies and manufacturers all roofing and wall cladding profiles in the market. Our full range of cladding and walling supplies include the latest range of Klip Lok, Trimdek, Custom Orb and more.

Browse our online selection to get a better idea of what we offer:


LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® is the very popular corrugated profile from LYSAGHT, and is just as practical and fashionable with new design homes as it is with the traditional Australian designed homes.

As a roofing or walling product it has all the features. It’s a lightweight product, that is wide and strong and a very economical profile that can be quickly and easily aligned.


MINI ORB is primarily used for decorative finishes on walls, ceilings and soffit linings; feature walls and partitions; and screens and small awnings not subject to any foot traffic. It is a product that gives you freedom in design allowing your creativity to blend perfectly with the practical.


LYSAGHT EASYCLAD® wall cladding is a stylish solution for both interior and exterior steel walling applications. It’s easy ‘secret’ fix system helps provide stylish clean lines for an uninterrupted weatherboard-like appearance. Incorporating a wide range of trim sections and accessories, EASYCLAD walling is suitable in various design situations.


LYSAGHT PANELRIB® wall cladding has a fluted profile making it suitable for many applications where flat sheet would not normally be considered. The longitudinal flutes provide rigidity along the length of the sheet while retaining full flexibility across the width. PANELRIB is easy to fix and can be used on exterior and interior walls. 


MULTICLAD is usually used where an inexpensive, quick to install cladding is desirable, such as garages, carports and sheds. The speed of installation also makes it popular for commercial and industrial projects such as warehouses, showrooms and retail premises.

Inspired by the best in European design, Lysaght’s new ZENITH™ range provides a stylish suite of profiles to add to your design palette. Available in the contemporary COLORBOND® steel colour range, the superb COLORBOND® Metallic steel colour range and the expansive colour array of the LYSAGHT YOURCOLOR™ custom colour offer, the LYSAGHT ZENITH™ range will deliver a striking visual impact wherever it is used.

LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305® is a profile that features slender, high ribs and broad, flat pans.

The LONGLINE 305® profile is available in three different styles, plain with flat pans, fluted, and tapered which allows fanned and rounded plan roofs to be clad.


Broad flat pans and a lower, yet substantial rib combine to form yet another distinct visual dynamic in LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding. While possessing clean striking good looks, this profile also has an easy style that makes it a very versatile cladding solution for contemporary architectural designs.


A heritage-inspired profile, LYSAGHT BAROQUE® features wide, flat pans defined by generous semi-circular ribs. Delivering a strong linear visual which is gentled by the unusual, rounded rib-form, this profile offers a most unique visual character which sits easily with both traditional and contemporary architecture.


With the broad flat pans and distinctive ribs of ENSEAM®, SNAPSEAM® offers greater flexibility for longer lengths and greater spanning capacity thanks to it’s clever concealed fix clips. These clips allow for enhanced thermal expansion and contraction and provide greater fixing security.

Whether used in long lengths running vertically or horizontally on a structure, or in shorter lengths to create a ‘block-like’ effect, LYSAGHT DOMINION® makes a strong and extremely stylish statement. With raised panels and recessed ‘express’ joints, this profile conveys a sleek, contemporary character with a pleasing detail created by the shadowed ‘channels’.

The sky is truly the limit with LYSAGHT IMPERIAL™. Featuring broad, flat pans and slender, well-defined ribs, this cleanly elegant cladding complements virtually any architectural design. Combine those good looks with a curving capacity not readily achieved in all cladding, and you have the ultimate profile for style and versatility.

Why Metal Roofing?

One Stop Roofing Shop is the leading provider for metal roofing supplies in Sydney for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Metal roofing is tough and durable and also ensures that you will have a quality, sustainable product.

Metal roofing is also lighter than tiles and also require less maintenance. Metal roofing is more durable than asphalt shingle roofs, and provides an increased flexibility in design.


One Stop Roofing shop, specialise in metal wall cladding and roofing supplies in Sydney. Talk to our specialists today on (02) 9540 2966 to answer any of your metal roofing or wall cladding queries.