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Tiling Tools

HYTILE Gutterpro Ladder Bracket

Ladder is an unavoidable tool when it comes to any activities associated with the roof. To ensure that the ladder is properly fixed and the individuals mounting the ladder can function effortlessly, always have a ladder jacket in place. HYTILE Gutterpro Ladder Jacket is the absolute best when it comes to getting the job done.

HYTILE Solar Panel Cable Hoist

Affixing solar panels to the roofs can be one of the best ways to conserve energy. But the process of installing them can be a bit of a fix. Bout don’t you worry, for we have the most reliable solar cable panel hosts available in store for you. The process of carrying the solar cables to the rooftop can be much simpler with the help of the HYTILE Sola Cable Panel Hoist available at One Stop Roofing.

HYTILE Replacement Chisel & Wheel

Having the right tools can make a lot of difference when it comes to fixing your roof tiles. The HYTILE Replacement Chisel and Wheel is one such high quality tool set that can help your functioning a lot better. One Stop Roofing sell the tools as a set of double chisel and also individually.

HYTILE Roof Tile Cable Hoist

Roof tiles can be pretty heavy and this is no news. The process of carrying roof tiles to the roof tops can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. But with the help of the HYTILE roof tile cable hoist installed on your rooftop, the process becomes easier. We sell the HYTILE Roof Tile Cable Hoist at our store.


Protect your roof and roof tiles from contingencies with the help of Stormseal/ Prestite tapes. The tapes provided by Prestite are soft and perfect for pipes and roofs. It is available in 38mm*28mm and sold in 2m length.


From sealing a broken roof tile to fixing a new one on your roof silicone is your best option. Buy high quality and long lasting silicones at One Stop Roofing.

Silicon Gun

We know how difficult it can be to use silicone without the proper tools. One Stop Roofing sell the best quality silicon guns that fit perfectly for the silicon and can be used easily to fill up cracks and other dents.

Z Flashing

Complete the picture of roofing that you had in mind for your home, with the help of the perfect Z Flashing. We at One Stop Roofing provide Z flashing that are 2.4m in length and can fit perfectly on to your roofs. Bong out the aesthetic side of your roofing with the Z Flashing that we offer.

Fibro Strips - One Stop Roofing

One Stop Roofing also provide high quality fibro strips that are available at 3m length. When it comes to roofing, always get your basics right. We bring you only the best in the market and when it comes to fibro strips there is no exception.

Roof Tile Valley Clips

Fixing the cut roof tiles can be a daunting task if done without the proper tools. Most people go with the glue but for sturdier results, it is better to go for the roof tile valley clips. It helps fix the cut roof tiles in place and prevents them from slipping off. One Stop Roofing provide roof tile valley clips in packs of 100.

DEKS Rapid Flash

If you are tired of the usual lead-based flashings, then it is time for a change. DEKS Rapid Flash is the perfect alternative for the lead based flashings with the exception that the DEKS Rapid Flash is devoid of any lead! It is perfect for pipes of every size and can be used for aby type of roof. One Stop Roofing provide 50mm-170mm pipe flashing that are 560mm long and 370mm wide.

Flexi Boots

We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be while dealing with buckets that slide off the roofs. One Stop Roofing have the perfect solution to your problem. Flexi Boots is one of the best buckets available in the market, which provides enough grip to your buckets that they do not slide off of your roofs.

Roof Sarking

Never skip roof sarking as it is of utmost importance when it comes to the safety of your roofing tiles. Good quality roof sarking protects your roofing from the extremities of the weather including bush fires along with providing high thermal performance and endurance to the roofing tiles. One Stop Roofing provide roof sarking in 45m2 per roll.

HYTILE Weepholer

Creating a weep hole need not be a messy business if you have the right tool for it. The HYTILE Weep Holer helps you create weep holes quickly and without much hassle. With this tool in hand, you need not look for substitute materials to make the hole. One Stop Roofing have this stocked up in our store.

HYTILE Bedding Frames

While laying the roof tiles, it is common for the tiles to go uneven or off the line. To prevent such happenings, it is better to use bedding frames. HYTILE bedding frames prevents the roof tiles from slipping off while laying them, and also makes sure that the hip and ridge tiles are laid down in a perfect straight line. One Stop Roofing provide HYTILE bedding frames that are aluminum coated and lightweight.

Sand & Cement 20kg

When it comes to fixing durable roofing, it is extremely important to get the foundation right. This is where the importance of sand and cement. We at One Stop Roofing provide Yellow brickies sand and the Blue circle builders cement which is the perfect combo when it comes to roofing tiles.


Whatever be the type of roof, WAKAFLEX does the job. Be it metal, polycarbonate or tiles, WAKAFLEX’s roof flashing solution makes your job so much easier. With its high durability, UV resistance and lead-free feature, WAKAFLEX is the favorite choice for most of our shoppers.
One Stop Roofing provide the flashing in black, grey and terracotta colors. The sizes available are 280mm*5 rolls, 370mm*5 rolls and 560mm*5 rolls.

Roof Battens

Get your base right and the rest will follow smoothly. Roof battens give your roofs an additional grip and support which helps the roofing go the extra mile in the long run. One Stop Roofing provide excellent quality Roof Battens two sizes which are 28*38mm and 38*38mm. All of the roof battens are 4.8m long and are available in a bundle of 6, giving you a total of 28.8 lineal meters.

Valley Irons

Choose the valley irons wisely if you do not not want to deal with leaky roofs. Most valley irons turn rusty once they start to get old and this can ruin the whole roofing for you. One Stop Roofing provide the best in the market roof tiles that are 3mm long and 400mm wide.

Fast Flash

We know how hard it is to find a flashing that is free of lead and other harmful chemicals. This is why One Stop Roofing bring to you Fast Flash which is not only lead free, but also self-adhesive and super flexible, making to the perfect choice for your roofing tiles.
Fast Flash is available in grey, black, brick red and dark grey colors. The sizes available include 280mm*5 rolls, 370mm*5 rolls and 560mm*5 rolls. 

HYTILE Tile Cutter

We understand that there will be circumstances where you would want to trim your roof tiles to fit it into the desired place. Most tile cutters available in the market can go blunt after some uses. If it is a long lasting and impressively efficient tile cutter that you are looking for, then HYTILE Tile cutter is your go-to product!

Monier Flexible Pointing

Monier Flexible Pointing is an adhesive mechanical fastener for concrete and terracotta hip and ridge tiles. It has been designed to meet AS4046.8-2015 standards for the fixing of hip and ridge tiles.

Flexible pointing differs from traditional and inherently brittle cement mortar pointing in that it retains a significant post cure flexibility. This enables it to flex in harmony with roof movements without cracking or breaking away. Monier Flexible Pointing is available in a range of contemporary and heritage colours to match concrete and terracotta roof tiles.

  • 10yr product warranty
  • Wide-range of popular colours
  • Australian Made
  • 22 lineal metres average coverage to a 10L pail
  • Water clean-up