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A New Roof Can Help You Save on Your Energy Bill – Here’s How!

If you’ve been grimly watching your energy bills spike in recent years, like many Australians, there’s an easy solution. A new roof, or in some cases, a roof upgrade. Even if you have a brand new home, you may find that your energy bills are somehow costing more than you’d like.  Fortunately, you can invest […]

The Importance of Gutter and Downpipe Maintenance

Gutters and downpipes are your home’s first line of defence against leaks. They’re also the potential source of more trouble and expense than you would believe possible in terms of the risk of interior damage to your home. Understanding the Risks It’s almost impossible to overstate the risk factors. If a leak gets into the […]

Advantages of Using Colorbond for Your New Metal Roof

Colorbond roofing is known around Australia as THE best brand for roofing, used for many different types of building, and all types of home designs. Colorbond has a top quality reputation for product excellence and an exceptional level of popularity among trade professionals and the roofing industry as a whole. The Advantages of Colorbond Roofing […]

Why Is Colorbond Roofing So Popular in Australia?

There aren’t many products in Australia that could be unarguably called the “default” choice for Australian homeowners. When it comes to home roofing, Colorbond is definitely the exception. This brand has a fantastic and well-deserved reputation for excellent products. Colorbond is a trusted brand for roofing and fencing and is an instantly recognisable brand for […]

How to Use Metal Roofing for Modern Rustic Design

“Modern rustic design” is an expression that refers to the rebirth of older architectural designs. Many older designs, particularly in Australia, are getting a new lease of life with CAD technology and some pretty inspired new “rustic” finishes. These designs incorporate all the modern home features but with the old-style look. Of course, using older […]

Winterizing the Roof – Your Winter Roofing Checklist

Preparing your home for winter or seasonal storms is serious business. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you can expect some equally serious damages and costs. In Australia, there have been many incidents of roof damage caused by storms. While most Aussies look after their homes pretty well, the roof can present a rather […]