Breathe New Life into Your Old Colorbond Roofing with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Colorbond roofing usually doesn’t need much maintenance. The colours are as durable as the metal roofing in most cases, but if the roof is damaged by a storm, impact, or other events, it’s a good idea to paint and reseal the roofing.

Repainting a Colorbond Roof

If you’re in the process of maintaining a Colorbond roof, you can do it all in one go, with a little planning.

Here are a few examples:

  • Damaged roofing: Before painting, check for any damage to panels or the roof structure. Holes in the panels are rare, but if present, panels may need replacing or patching.

  • Older roofs: Painting will improve appearance, but it won’t necessarily do all the work required to protect the roof surface. Don’t paint until you’ve got a clear picture of the state of the roof. It may be simpler to just replace damaged panels. 

  • Coastal environments: Another possible issue with older roofing is salt air. Some older Colorbond roofing doesn’t have the modern coastal protection afforded by new Colorbond products. It may be a good idea to upgrade to the modern standard coastal Colorbond roofing. If you paint, you may need special marine paint. Consult your supplier about these issues before spending time and money on painting. Also make sure that the new paint job will be sufficient to protect the roofing. If you’re not sure, ask your Colorbond supplier for some help.

Painting a Colorbond Roof during Roof Maintenance

To deal with all your roofing issues, combine your painting with your roof maintenance, particularly if you’re also considering other home improvements. This is the easy way to solve onsite issues, see what needs doing, and see what needs replacing.

All you need to do remove damaged panels, replace them with modern panels, and use the modern panels as your colour scheme for your paint job. This is a time saver, reducing the amount of painting work that needs doing.

Selecting Your Colorbond Paint Colours

Another very useful option for roof painting is the large range of colours available for Colorbond roofs. You can do a full makeover on your old roof, solve any roofing problems, and get a great look as well.

With the huge Colorbond colour range, you can literally bring your old roof back to life with new colours, coordinated colours and more. Take the time to investigate all your painting options and get any practical advice you need from the experts. You’ll wind up with a great new roof that may not need any further work for years.

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