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When choosing wall cladding for your building there is a wide range of profiles from which to choose. Whilst roofing and walling have to keep out the weather, they also have significant effects on the looks, cost and durability of a building. View our wide range below or call today.

A home with wall cladding in Campbelltown

Roofing and Wall Cladding Supplies in Sydney

One Stop Roofing, your one-stop metal roofing shop supplies and manufacturers all roofing and wall cladding profiles in the market. Our full range of cladding and walling supplies include the latest range of Klip Lok, Trimdek, Custom Orb and more.  

Browse our online selection to get a better idea of what we offer: 

Custom Orb

0.762 cover to suit 5° pitch


0.762 cover to suit 2° pitch

Klip-Lok 700

0.700 cover to suit 1° pitch



0.700 cover to suit 3° pitch


Klip-Lok 406

0.406 cover to suit 1° pitch

Longline 305

0.305 cover to suit 1° pitch

CUSTOM ORB 21 & 35

0.762 & 0.724 cover
to suit 3° & 2° pitch

permalite lt7

0.875 cover 

permalite v-rib

0.864 cover 

mini orb

0.820 cover to suit ceiling or walls

easy clad

0.300 cover to suit ceiling or walls

panel rib

0.850 cover to suit ceiling or walls

multi clad

0.840 cover to suit walling


En Seam


Why Metal Roofing?

One Stop Roofing Shop is the leading provider for metal roofing supplies in Sydney for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Metal roofing is tough and durable and also ensures that you will have a quality, sustainable product.

Metal roofing is also lighter than tiles and also require less maintenance. Metal roofing is more durable than asphalt shingle roofs, and provides an increased flexibility in design.

WalL CLADDING and Metal Roofing supplY SPECIALISTS

One Stop Roofing shop, specialise in metal wall cladding and roofing supplies in Sydney. Talk to our specialists today on (02) 9540 2966 to answer any of your metal roofing or wall cladding queries.