Aluminium Roofing in Sydney

A picture of aluminium roofing in Campbelltown

Aluminium sheet roofing is a premium choice of metal roofing material as it offers superior corrosion resistance in comparison to other roofing options.

Benefits of Aluminium Roofing

Aluminium is an excellent choice of material for coastal locations due to its anti-corrosion characteristics. As a bare, natural metal, aluminium has a tendency to age poorly, however when combined with a painted surface, it is long-lasting and easily maintained.

Due to its strength-to-weight ratio being among the highest of all common metals, aluminium sheet is the most lightweight option for roofing. A thinner piece of material can easily do the job of thicker metals. This lightness means aluminium cools quickly once it stops receiving direct sunlight and stores minimal heat - perfect for the harsh Australian environment.

Installing Aluminium Roofing Products

As with most metal roofing products, aluminium is cost effective, durable and simple to install. Builders and roofers have the option of moulding the product into any shape and design required without overstepping their budget.

If the roof receives any damage, working with aluminium makes any maintenance problems an easy fix. Even in highly-corrosive industrial environments, aluminium sheet roofing is resistant to fumes and vapours of chemicals like ammonia, carbon-dioxide and harmful acids.

Choosing the Right Roofing Products for You

When it comes to metal, aluminium, and steel roofing, One Stop Roofing stocks high-end products at affordable prices. Stop into our Caringbah showroom to compare materials and plan your roofing project. 

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