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Fixed Skylights - Pitched Roof

Our cost-effective fixed (non-opening) skylights are the perfect solution for creating light-filled rooms with adequate ventilation. These skylights are a great option for any home or building because of their energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. One of the primary features of our fixed skylights is to flood your place with an abundance of natural light all at once.

Pitched Roof Fixed Skylights (FS)

These skylights eliminate the need for external lighting and save money on electric bills by using the power of sunlight to create a bright and appealing atmosphere. The superior double coating, a standard component in our skylights, further improves their energy productivity. Due to such coating, it provides limited heat transference. It ensures that your space remains comfortable and well-insulated throughout the year.

Sleek Design and Easy Installation for Effortless Elegance

In addition to their energy-saving qualities, our fixed skylights also offer a sleek and modern design. The white-painted interior timber frame provides a clean and contemporary look, complementing various interior styles. The outer aluminium cappings in a stylish grey finish add durability and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Whether you have traditional or modern decor, these skylights seamlessly blend into your space, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Installation is made easy with our skylights, as they come complete with flashing for corrugated iron and tile roofs. It ensures a secure and watertight fit, giving you peace of mind. The smooth profile of our skylights sits lower on the roof, creating a seamless transition that does not obstruct the roofline. This design choice not only enhances the visual appeal of your space but also allows for easy maintenance.

Effortless Maintenance and Clear Views

Speaking of maintenance, our fixed skylights are designed to reduce your cleaning efforts. The high-performance double glazing comes with a NEAT™ outer coating, significantly reducing the cleaning frequency. Your skylights will continue to look clear thanks to this innovative feature, which repels dirt and water. As a result, you can enjoy unimpeded views of the sky with minimal upkeep. To take special care of various necessities and inclinations, our fixed skylights are accessible in 10 sizes, guaranteeing that you can track down the ideal fit for your space. Whether you have a small room or a large building, we always have the right size to fit your needs. You can improve the aesthetics of your home by just creating a look that is stylish as well as peaceful. Design is not an issue when it comes to our skylights. They are built to address any compatibility and requirements. Enjoy convenience and ease of mind with our Fixed Skylights.

Elevate Your Space with Cost-Effective Pitched Roof Fixed Skylights

Our cost-effective fixed skylights offer the perfect combination of functionality, style and energy efficiency. With their ability to create light-filled rooms and sleek designs, these skylights elevate the look and feel of any space. Enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient glazing, easy installation and reduced cleaning frequency with our exceptional fixed skylights. Upgrade your home with these timeless additions and experience the transformative power of natural light