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Polycarbonate Roofing Supply

Polycarbonate and Fibreglass Roofing Supplies in Sydney in - Sydney, Penrith, Windsor, Campbelltown, Wollongong & Central Coast

One Stop Roofing Shop isn’t just your local Sydney supplier for metal, aluminium roofing and walling materials. We also carry a versatile range of polycarbonate and fibreglass materials to help deliver state-of-the-art, lightweight products for commercial, industrial and residential applications.


Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Solasafe polycarbonate sheeting is one of the best roofing solutions that you could choose for your home. And your family in Australia. It maximises your investment by not only providing shelter from the elements. But Solasafe also provides 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays.

When you want maximum light Solasafe Clear sheeting lets 90% of available light flood your space. Truly, ‘your window to the sky’. Integral surface protection prevents UV degradation of the sheet and helps prolong its life. It also minimises the yellowing of the sheet over its lifetime; see the generous warranty that covers this. The impact strength of polycarbonate is up to 250 times that of tempered glass. And that is strong enough to resist damage from even heavy hail. See the warranty for details.


Polycarbonate Sheeting

Lexan* Thermoclear* multiwall sheet is a high-quality, low-maintenance glazing material that is built to last. Based on Lexan polycarbonate resin, it delivers high-impact strength. An excellent balance of low weight and high stiffness and naturally “water-clear” transparency.

From conservatories, commercial greenhouses and swimming pools, to industrial buildings, offices and sports stadiums. This versatile range of materials helps to deliver state-of-the-art, lightweight glazing for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Ampelite stock 10 mm twin-wall sheet which is widely used in small commercial and residential applications. In applications where superior stiffness is required, we can supply X-structures in gauges up to 32 mm thick.


Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels

You can enjoy the outdoors feeling yet be protected from the sun. Because Ampelite glass-reinforced polyester sheeting has inbuilt protection against the transmission of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun without sunburn. Australian-made ’90s Ampelite sheeting is made to stand up to tough Australian conditions from Cairns to Cradle Mountain.

When you choose Ampelite glass reinforced sheeting you can be sure that it has been made from the highest quality. And materials available using the world’s latest resin technology. Ampelite’s manufacturing process ensures that each phase of production is absolutely consistent from batch to batch.



‘Wonderglas GCP’ polyester sheeting provides simply wonderful protection and durability. This product represents a technological breakthrough. It’s so good we give it a Lifetime Warranty against loss of light transmission.

Surface erosion (fibre show) is minimal even over long periods of time. Until now, domestic polyester sheeting has not had the exceptional surface protection offered by the latest surface coating technology. The highly UV-resistant protection applied to ‘Wonderglas GCP’. It provides similar performance to Ampelite’s premium industrial grades used in major projects around Australia.

Even in harsh environments, including the far north, ‘Wonderglas GCP’ will outperform other domestic translucent and clear roofing materials. Loss of light transmission even over long periods of 10 to 12 years. It is around just 10% compared to a 35% loss for standard sheeting



Scientific tests conducted by Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd. NATA-approved laboratory prove the effectiveness of ‘Cool-lite GC’ translucent fibreglass sheeting in providing good diffused lighting while controlling heat transmission.

The test report shows light transmission of 38%, while total heat transmission is just 23.5%. ‘Coollite GC is premium grade sheeting with the same highly UV resistant gel coated surface as Ampelite Wonderglas GC.

Now you can turn the most powerful light source in the Universe into the most effective, low-cost, low-temperature workplace lighting. The full test reports are available from Ampelite.



‘Webglas GC’ (GC = gel-coated surface) is proving its worth in buildings. Where metal and other roofing or wall cladding materials deteriorate or corrode at an unacceptable rate. The sheet weight is 3660 grams per square metre. And embodies a heavy gauge woven glass mat that provides continuous reinforcement in every direction. The overall strength is such, that wire safety mesh is not required. This is a particularly important benefit in aggressive and corrosive environments that can quickly destroy metal.

Where corrosion resistance is vital, complete buildings may be clad and roofed with ‘Webglas GC’. Which can be 100% opaque, or translucent to transmit natural light. For extreme environments, where high levels of acids or alkalines may occur. The ‘Webglas GC+’ which incorporates vinyl ester resins, will provide additional protection. What really sets Webglas apart from traditional building materials is its combination of strength. And resistance to a wide range of chemicals and low surface erosion. The Warranty covers surface erosion for 20 years

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