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Manually Operated Skylights - Flat Roof

Our manually operated skylights for flat roofs are a savvy and pragmatic choice for ventilation through the roof. They guarantee that your space has sufficient ventilation. The skylights are specially created from white PVC, an upkeep-free material that ensures strength and an extraordinary inside finish. This way, you won’t have to worry about standard upkeep or wide cleaning. Since the PVC outline is intended to endure the components and keep up with its unblemished appearance over the long haul, you can partake in the advantages of normal ventilation without managing the problem of performing routine maintenance.

Flat Roof Manually Operated Skylights (VS)

The skylight’s aluminium cappings in a stylish dark finish complement the inside outline. As well as maintaining your rooftop, these covers provide additional environmental security. Since aluminium is known for its strength and protection from erosion, your skylight will keep going for a long time in brilliant condition. To suit different space necessities, our skylights are available in six sizes. You can choose the size that best suits your prerequisites, paying little mind to how large or little your space is. Given this versatility, your space can have productive light and ventilation, making it peaceful and serene.

NEAT™ Coating: Easy Maintenance and Clear Visibility

Our manually operated skylights are outfitted with a two-fold covering coat as a standard component. This double-coating innovation gives unrivalled protection, decreases heat transfer and keeps the temperature agreeable inside. Also, the external covering of the coating is made of NEAT™, which makes cleaning less essential. Your lookout window will remain clear and straightforward thanks to the NEAT™ covering’s capacity to repulse dirt and stuff. Subsequently, you will not need to constantly stress over keeping your skylight clean. We know it means quite a bit to keep bugs out of your living space. Our skylights are equipped with an insect screen. While permitting natural air to circle openly, the screen keeps vermin and bugs from entering your space. You’ll have the option to exploit normal ventilation without having any meddling guests upset your tranquillity.

Importance of Custom-Made Flashing for Skylight Installation

Kindly note that our skylights require custom-made flashing for adjustment to the room, and VELUX doesn’t provide this. Custom-made flashing guarantees a consistent and secure fit between the skylight and your level rooftop, forestalling any likely releases and giving dependable execution. We suggest talking with an expert roofer or installer to guarantee that the blazing is modified to your prerequisites.

Benefits of Our Manually Operated Skylight for Flat Roofs

Our manually operated skylight for flat roofs is a practical choice for giving regular ventilation on level rooftops. With their help-free PVC inside frame, solid aluminium cappings, adaptable assessing decisions, predominant execution twofold covering with NEAT™ covering, removable bug screen, and straightforward movement, these inlet windows give a realistic and gorgeously fulfilling extension to your space. Work on your level roof with our exceptional sound windows and participate in the upsides of ordinary ventilation today.