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Structural Roofing

We supply structural products that have long proven quality in the construction industry, from concrete form work to steel structure.

A traditional flat pan profile that provides unmatched performance in suspended concrete slabs. Can be used in both concrete and steel frame construction and utilises patented technology to achieve superior spanning capabilities, less deflection and greater composite strength than similar re-entrant profiles.

  • Stronger than similar decks due to the patented corner embossments
  • Stronger than similar decks in positive bending and end shear due to the dovetail ribs which resist lateral deflection by up to 10%
  • Works as composite slab saving on concrete and reinforcement costs
  • Available in standard DECKFORM® steel in QLD/NT or BONDEK BLUE®* in NSW/ACT, featuring a blue anti-glare coating reducing reflected light by a minimum of 80%, which means greater comfort for installers and follow up trades on site

LYSAGHT® Zed sections may be used over single spans and in unlapped and lapped continuous spans in multi-bay buildings. Lapped continuous spans result in considerable capacity increase in the system. LYSAGHT® Cee sections may be used in single spans, and unlapped continuous spans in multi-bay building and are ideal as eave purlins or where compact sections are required for detailing.

  • Range of gauges and depths are available
  • Can be provided punched or unpunched

LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® has been used in the building and construction industry for many decades in commercial and residential applications. Applications include sheds, garages, carports, and as ceiling and roof battens as well as for racking, fencing and handyman projects. There’s a TOPSPAN® profile that’s right for your next job.

Features and benefits of TOPSPAN® profiles:

• Versatile TOPSPAN® profiles are an economical, lightweight steel alternative to timber battens or the smaller light gauge purlins
• TOPSPAN® is quick and easy to install because they can be lapped, eliminating the time-consuming process of cutting to length.
• Consistent straightness simplifies alignment
• Lightweight – for easy handling and minimal labour
• Ease of installation – easy fixing with self-drilling screws through the bottom flanges with simple, fast lapping direct to supports without the need for cleats
• Stability during installation – directly laid on top of supports with no added support method or labour required
• TOPSPAN®’s compact bundles are easily stacked, stored and transported