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Fixed Skylights - Flat Roof

Introducing the FCM flat roof skylight, a brilliantly simple and high-performing solution that brings the beauty of natural light into your space. Designed by VELUX, a leading name in skylights and roof windows, the FCM skylight offers exceptional quality, durability and functionality. Its thoughtful design and advanced features make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their living or working environment with abundant daylight.

Flat Roof Fixed Skylights (FCM)

One of the standout features of the FCM skylight is its incorporation of VELUX High Performance double-glazed, laminated glass. This advanced glazing technology ensures long-lasting clarity and UV protection, preventing harmful rays from fading or discolouring your interiors over time. Unlike acrylic or polycarbonate materials, the laminated glass used in the FCM skylight is built to last, maintaining its pristine appearance and performance for years. This skylight offers double coating; its all-metal outside outline adds to its general allure. The smooth and current plan of the casing gives the skylight a position of safety, mixing consistently with your roofline and making an outwardly satisfying taste. The smooth design of the skylight upgrades its general exhibition by limiting water pooling and dirt collection, guaranteeing a spotless and clear surface for ideal light transmission.

Superior Performance and Energy Efficiency

When it comes to performance, the FCM skylight exceeds expectations. High-performance double glazing is a standard feature, providing excellent insulation and energy efficiency. The multiple layers of glass with insulating airspace help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing heat transfer and keeping your space comfortable year-round. Additionally, the glazing is treated with a NEAT™ outer coating, a unique technology that repels dirt and water. This innovative coating minimizes the frequency of cleaning required, allowing more time to enjoy the benefits of natural light without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Superior UV Blockage for Long-lasting Preservation

Safety and well-being are paramount and the FCM skylight has you covered. With approximately 99% UV blockage, it offers superior protection against harmful rays. This feature helps safeguard your furnishings, flooring and artwork from fading or discolouration caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. The FCM skylight guarantees a solid and very much safeguarded indoor climate, permitting you to partake in the excellence of regular light without settling on the life span of your esteemed home.

Versatile Sizing for Every Space

The FCM skylight is accessible in 11 sizes, offering various choices to suit various spaces and flat roofs. Whether you incline toward a picture, scene, or even a jewel-moulded building, its customizable sizing ensures a perfect fit for your specific needs, enhancing the architectural elements of your space and creating a focal point that draws the attention of everyone in proximity. Durability is a key consideration and the FCM skylight delivers. Its anodized aluminium outline ensures durable execution, confronting the most brutal weather patterns. The vigorous development of the edge guarantees security and versatility, giving you peace for years to come.

Features and Benefits of the FCM Flat Roof Skylight

The FCM flat roof skylight from VELUX is a remarkable choice for those seeking to maximise natural light, energy efficiency and durability. With its VELUX High-Performance double glazing, laminated glass, all-metal exterior frame, NEAT™ outer coating, versatile sizing options and UV blockage, the FCM skylight offers an exceptional solution for any space. Experience the brilliance of the FCM skylight and elevate your environment with abundant natural light, energy efficiency and architectural elegance. Transform your space into a sanctuary of well-being and beauty with the FCM skylight from VELUX.