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Manually Operated Skylights - Pitched Roof

Our manually operated skylights offer more than just the comfort and energy savings of free daylight and natural ventilation. They are designed to elevate your living spaces with a perfect blend of functionality and style. The smooth profile of our skylights not only adds to their visual appeal but also offers practical benefits. Sitting lower on the roof, our skylights blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture, creating a harmonious and unobtrusive look. As a result of this design decision, the skylights will not affect your roofline’s neat lines and overall aesthetics.

Pitched Roof Manually Operated Skylights

Our skylights have a modern, sleek appearance that complements every architectural style. You can easily install the skylight with no less amount of manual work. Our skylights are all about convenience, blending with efficiency and style. Whether you have a cutting-edge, moderate home or a conventional, customary plan, our manually operated skylights will mix in consistently and upgrade the space’s general appearance.

Easy Maintenance and Longevity

Additionally, our manually operated skylights are designed with your convenience in mind. The white-painted interior timber frame and sash create a bright and inviting space, while the outer aluminium cappings in a sleek grey finish add a touch of modern sophistication to your home’s aesthetic. The high-performance double glazing that comes standard with our skylights demonstrates our dedication to quality. It offers exceptional clarity, allowing you to take pleasure in unimpeded views of the sky above, and it also provides excellent insulation, keeping your space comfortable throughout the year. The NEAT™ external covering makes it a stride further by diminishing the requirement for regular cleaning, saving you time and exertion while keeping up with the excellence and clearness of your skylight.

Versatile Design: Accommodates Different Roof Types

In addition to their visual and energy-efficient benefits, our manually operated skylights are designed with practicality in mind. The skylights have a removable insect screen, ensuring you can enjoy fresh air flowing into your space while keeping unwanted bugs out. We understand the importance of a hassle-free installation process, so our skylights come complete with flashing for corrugated iron and tile roofs. This thoughtful inclusion ensures you have everything you need to install your skylight seamlessly, regardless of your roof type. Whether you have a traditional corrugated iron roof or a modern tile roof, our skylights are designed to accommodate and fit perfectly.

Smooth Profile for Enhanced Visual Appeal

Choose our skylights with a smooth profile to enhance the visual appeal of your home and ensure seamless integration with your roofline, practical durability and improved energy efficiency. Let the abundant daylight and fresh air fill your space while maintaining the clean and uncluttered look of your home’s exterior. Experience these skylights’ perfect balance of functionality, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your home and enjoy the benefits with our reliable and stylish skylight solutions.