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electric skylight

Electric-powered skylights offer a helpful and easy method for bringing regular light and ventilation into your space. With the push of a button, you can open and close these skylights, considering the ideal command over ventilation and brilliance. These skylights are intended to incorporate innovation and usefulness, making them an ideal decision for present-day homes and spaces.


The VELUX VSE Electric Opening Skylight provides the convenience of remote control and built-in sensors to detect rain whilst providing the comfort and energy savings of fresh air and natural daylight.

Where the roof pitch is below 15° pitch, the skylight needs to be raised and will require a custom flashing.

VELUX VSE is available in a range of sizes and includes the following features:

  • Available in 9 different sizes
  • Insect screen fitted
  • Interior wood frame and sash painted white
  • Simple to install
  • Has a smooth, low profile that does not obstruct the roofline
  • Comes standard with double glazing high performance outer coating
  • Heat block of approximately 80%
  • Aluminium capping in grey provided
  • Complete with flashings for either a tile or metal roof


Pitched Roof Electric Powered Skylights (VSE)

One of the champion highlights of electric-powered skylights is their controller activity. With the wall-mounted keypad that is included, you can open and close the skylights from any corner of the room. This aspect truly comes in handy, reducing the need for manual activity, and saving you both time and energy.

Rain Sensors for Enhanced Safety

Whether you need outside air or adjust how much regular light you want, the controller considers easy control of the skylight. Health is a main concern, and electric-powered skylights are outfitted with rain sensors that naturally close the skylights at the earliest hint of a downpour. This guarantees that your space stays safe, protecting it from water damage. This removes the need to keep updated with the weather changes and conditions. With the rain sensors, you will find peace, realising that your skylights will combat changes in the climate and keep your space dry.

Our electric-powered skylights highlight a smooth and modern appearance. The smooth profile of the skylights sits lower on the rooftop, giving a spotless and unpretentious look that consistently coordinates with your home’s aesthetics. It improves the style of your space and guarantees that the skylights don’t hinder the roofline. By doing so, it keeps up with the general outline of your home’s design.

NEAT™ Coating for Easy Maintenance

The coating of electric-powered skylights is intended for ideal execution. The two-fold coating is standard, offering phenomenal protection to limit heat transfer and maintain a moderate indoor temperature. Furthermore, the coating is treated with a NEAT™ external coating, which decreases the need to clean recurringly. This covering repulses dirt and water, keeping your skylights clear and permitting normal light to enter your space without needing regular maintenance.

Easy and Hassle-Free Installation

Installation of the electric-powered rooftop is easy and simple. It doesn’t require an electrician. They come with proper glazing, guaranteeing a safe and watertight fit on your flat rooftop. The glazing is uniquely crafted to suit your particular rooftop type, giving a consistent joining that forestalls releases and guarantees dependable execution. We must talk with our skylight experts to ensure the ideal size for your electric-powered skylights, as our skylights come in different sizes for different home needs.

Enhance Natural Light and Ventilation With Pitched Roof Electric Powered Skylights

Our electric-powered skylights offer a helpful and beautiful answer for bringing normal light and ventilation into your space. With their controller activity, efficient rain sensors, smooth roofline, high-performance double coating with NEAT™ coating, and simple installation with uniquely crafted glazing, these skylights give a cutting-edge and productive method for improving your living atmosphere. Experience the comfort and excellence of electric-powered skylights and partake in the advantages of natural light and ventilation in your space.