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Adding Insulation to Your Roof

Adding Insulation to Your Roof

Insulation in your roof and your walls is the best barrier for keeping heat in during the winter months and keeping heat out during the summer months. In the Australian climate, where the summers are brutal and the winters are the same, insulation in homes adds wonders to quality of life. Many Australian homes are quite old and were built without insulation; so many homeowners are considering adding insulation to their roofs. Before the start of summer or winter months, consider how your life could be improved by adding insulation to your roof.

At One Stop Roofing Shop in Sydney, we have a range of insulation types, from metal roofing insulation to reflective blankets for tile and metal.


The Process of Insulating Your Roof

The insulation process should be completed by a professional, but if you plan on doing it yourself or just want an idea of what goes into it, read on.

One of the most common types of insulation is blanket insulation, so if you’re using this, start by rolling out the vapour barrier and cutting and laying the lengths in between each pair of joists, stapling the barrier to the sides of the joists. Once you have done this, you can roll out the insulation blanket between the joints. Don’t compress it, but try to tuck it in against the sides of the joists. If there is any electrical hardware, make sure to cut a hole in the vapour barrier and the blanket to prevent any electrical overheating.

This is only the initial stage of insulation application. You then need to worry about insulating the pipes and laying storage decking, as well as laying loose-fill insulation and then insulating the rafters and walls. It’s a tough job, but it is well worth its weight in comfort and energy savings.

How Insulation Will Help Reduce Your Power Bill

As insulation mainly serves to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, you’ll find yourself saving up to 40 percent in costs that you’d normally spend on heating and cooling your home. This not only reduces your bill costs, but it also reduces your greenhouse gas emissions while improving the comfort of your home.

There are two types of insulation commonly used: Bulk and reflective. Bulk acts as a barrier to any flow of heat between your house and outside, and this is more common for homes in cooler environments. They are also better for absorbing any noise from outside, like the pattering of rain. Reflective insulation is better in hot environments as it keeps your home cool by deflecting any radiant heat. In fact it can reduce the amount of radiant heat entering your home by up to 97 percent, while controlling condensation, which can help you avoid mould and dampness.


If you live in Australia, you might just be considering gearing up for the summer or winter months with some brand new roof insulation. For the best products on the market, check out One Stop Roofing Shop’s selection of Roof  insulation products today.