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Choosing a Roofing Material

Choosing a Roofing Material

If it’s time for a new roof, the first thing you need to determine is what kind of roofing material you will use. The two most common forms of roofing material in Australia are metal and tile, and there are pros and cons to each of them, so you should choose wisely. A new roof can be one of the most expensive aspects of your home, so you’ll want to put lots of consideration into this decision.


Benefits of Tile Roofs

In Sydney and around Australia, the most common types of tile roofs that people use are terracotta and cement; terracotta being the more expensive and traditionally better-looking choice. However, for a coastal Sydney climate or a cold climate, cement tiles are the best.

You might choose tile roofs over metal because they typically have better thermal and acoustic insulation. Tile roofs tend to last about as long as metal roofs, but they have an aesthetic appeal that metal roofing cannot always match. In addition, it’s often easier to fix a tile roof when it comes to just replacing one or two tiles rather than a whole metal roof sheet.


Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is taking the Australian roofing world by storm. These aren’t the days of your parents’ corrugated tin roof; these are the days of the Colorbond designer steel roof, with durability and a lifespan that competes heartily with its tile foe. No longer, as Colorbond advertises, do you need to choose between efficiency and aesthetics. Colorbond brands itself as the provider of 22 designer colours and palettes—more than tile offers – to enhance the look of any home, from contemporary to coastal, country to traditional.

Metal roofs, whether you choose Colorbond or not, are generally cheaper. You get to choose between a variety of colour profiles to fit any style of home, as well as the added benefit of having a roof with better insulation due to sun-reflective coatings. This lowers cooling costs and, therefore, has a better environmental impact. You can also fully recycle the material when and if it is no longer in use.

In addition, modern metal roofing materials are made to be durable and withstand harsh natural elements like hail and other impacts like strong gusts of wind. In Australia, we have to worry about other extreme weather. Metal roofs do not catch fire during a bush fire or if struck by lightning. In addition, eta; is incredibly lightweight and easy to move around and install.

Metal roofing is also far easier to maintain; while repairs aren’t as simple, you can at least feel safe walking on a roof that needs to be repaired because the metal does not require structural support like tile does.

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