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How To Cut Twin Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets?

How To Cut Twin Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets?

Making roofing sheets can at times be a challenge, particularly when cutting clear or plastic roofing sheets that are expected to become the primary feature of your roof! It is often assumed that there is a high probability of cracking plastic sheets when cutting them; however, this is true only for roofing sheets made of less durable and brittle plastics, such as Acrylic sheets or PetG sheets. 

Sheets made of acrylic are notoriously difficult to cut without causing damage. On the bright side, there are Solid Multiwall and twin wall polycarbonate roofing sheets constructed from polycarbonate, which is of superior quality and much easier to cut!

These sheets are some of the easiest roofing materials to cut, making them popular for a wide variety of trade roofing and DIY projects. Produced in different dimensions, ranging from 4mm up to 35mm thick, polycarbonate roofing sheets can be precisely cut across various thicknesses.

Before cutting your plastic roofing sheets, it is essential to determine the spacings between rafter posts and allow for deductions for polycarbonate bars and fixations. It is recommended to leave a slight distance between the sheets to accommodate glazing bars and account for potential expansion or contraction.

Whether you are creating a pergola with a polycarbonate roof, cutting roofing sheets with clear edges for your gazebo, or installing new sheets in your greenhouse, the cutting procedure is relatively straightforward. If you need a polycarbonate roofing kit, simply reach out to our staff, and they will assist you in choosing the right polycarbonate sheet, fixings, and bars that best suit your needs.

Tools Required To Cut Polycarbonate Sheeting:

  • Jigsaw or handsaw
  • Circular saw (Top Tip: a fine-toothed blade is suggested for a straight cut)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pens or pencils for marking
  • Clamps

How To Cut Polycarbonate Sheets 

Safety First: Always wear the correct PPE gear and safety glasses are advised when cutting polycarbonate sheets.

Measure the Cutting Angles: Use a measuring instrument to determine the accurate cutting angles.

Mark the Measurements: Mark your dimensions on the Axiome Protective Film in several locations across the cutting area.

Draw the Cut Line: Using an edge straight or a piece of wood as a guide, draw an outline between the marks to create a cut line to follow.

Choose the Right Blade: It is essential to pick the right blade for cutting polycarbonate sheets. Use a sharp blade with upward-facing cutting teeth for a clean and smooth cut.

Secure the Polycarbonate Sheet: Secure the Axiome sheet of polycarbonate down to make cutting more secure and easier.

Select the Highest Blade Speed: Choose the highest speed setting on your tool for the blade.

Start Cutting: Gradually move the blade into the polycarbonate sheet to ensure a straight cut.

Use a Medium Feed Speed: After inserting the blade into the sheet, switch to a medium feed speed and carefully follow the cutting line.

Take Care at the Final Edge: When nearing the final edge of the polycarbonate sheet, ensure that the cut is safely detached.

What Is The Most Important Aspect In Cutting Sheets Of Polycarbonate?

The main thing to remember when cutting roofing made of polycarbonate, such as Axiome Twinwall Clear sheeting, is to use a blade with fine teeth to ensure the smoothest cut possible.

Do Solid Sheets Of Polycarbonate Be Cut In The Same Manner As Multiwall Or Twinwall Sheets Of Polycarbonate?

Solid polycarbonate sheets are cut using the same procedure as cutting Multiwall and Twinwall sheets of polycarbonate. However, there are small distinctions. Watch our “How to Cut Solid Glazing Sheets” video to know how to cut Axgard sheets.

What Is The Ideal Way To Cut Roofing Sheets?

When cutting roofing materials made of polycarbonate, it is advised to use a jigsaw with a high-quality blade. It is possible to employ a range of tools based on the tools you have at the time. However, from our experiences, we’ve discovered that using a jigsaw is simple and efficient. The jigsaw makes it easy to align the blade with the marked cut line and keep the cut straight.


Circular saws are an additional option for cutting plastic roof sheets. It is simpler to cut longer lengths when you have an adequate guide rail for a circular saw. By using the right tools and following the proper cutting techniques, you can achieve clean and precise cuts on polycarbonate roofing sheets, ensuring a professional finish for your roofing project.

Common Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Cutting Questions:

What Size Should You Cut Your Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets? 

Carefully consider the spacing between rafter slits in your sheets of polycarbonate before cutting the lengths. The ideal spacing of rafters depends on the thickness of the sheet you are using and various project-specific factors, including the location of the sheet and its exposure. Once you have decided on the rafter’s length, you must allow for an expansion gap on each rafter to accommodate fixings for glazing and bars.


The formula used to calculate the width of polycarbonate sheets based on the spacing between rafter posts is Distance between Rafters – 1 Expansion Gap Allowance = Roof Sheet Length. Keep in mind that the distance you must allow for expansion and roofing fixings made of polycarbonate will depend on the type of glazing bar you are using. It is generally necessary to leave more gaps between the sheets for the Snap Fix Glazing Bar compared to the Aluminium Rafter Glazing Bar and Self-supporting Glazing Bar.

Leave Some Extra Space When Getting Your Sheets Cut to Length: 

If you are having your sheets cut to length, it is recommended to leave some extra space. It is simpler to cut your sheets according to the size you want rather than moving the rafters when your sheets are too narrow.These factors and professional guidance can ensure accurate cutting of the roofing sheets made from polycarbonate to meet the specific specifications that you have in mind for the project. Our experienced staff is available to help you find the best solution for your roofing requirements.