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Patching Verses Replacing a Roof

Patching Verses Replacing a Roof

If there is a problem with your roof, you may start wondering whether it would be best to patch it or replace it altogether. Depending on how large the problem is, you might decide that replacing it entirely is a more cost effective option in the long run. However, if you’re looking at a quick fix, repairing the roof will save you time and money on a full roof replacement.

Below are a few things to consider when determining if you should repair or replace your roof.


How Old is Your Roof?

The roof of your house will take on the brunt of the weather and harsh contact with the sun. It faces wear and tear every day, so one thing that you should definitely consider is its age. If your roof is aged or it has already faced significant wear and tear it may be time to treat your home to a new roof.


Is It Really Just a Leak?

Most leaks just require a quick patch up and that’s that. However, think about how long this leak has been going on. Are any other spots in your house leaking? Does your roof leak every time it rains? While flashing and shingles can easily be replaced, a leak could be a sign of significant water damage and broken framework. This is a serious problem, and if this is what an inspection suggests, you’d do better to replace the roof entirely.


Are You Thinking in the Long or Short Term?

While the short-term fix of just patching up a problem is often preferred, you might want to think about what constant repair and patching might do to your roof in the long run. The entire structure won’t be as unified, with some parts reinforced and other sections deteriorating. There comes to be a point when a full replacement will be best because you not only face less problems and maintenance, but you’re also likely get a warranty with whatever new roof you purchase.


How Are Your Shingles?

Many homes are built with shingled roofs, but if you live in a dry or very hot climate, like much of Australia, you’ll want to watch out for any dried or cracked shingles. Usually a simple replacement of the shingle just puts a bandage on the wound. If decay is the issue, you’ll need to replace the whole roof. This time, you might consider sheet metal or aluminium roofing for a more stable and durable finish.


The Process of Re-Roofing

The process of re-roofing involves installing a brand new roof, either on top of the existing one or by first tearing down the old and putting up the new. There are three main stages to installing a new roof.  

1.    Measure the area and establish a project plan

2.    Prepare your home and roof for construction

3.    Install your new roofing system, complete with as much ventilation, insulation, tiling, fascias and guttering as you want or need.

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