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The Importance of Maintenance for Klip Lok Roofing

The Importance of Maintenance for Klip Lok Roofing

Your roof is one of the most important investments you will make for your home. Proper care is needed to ensure it provides the protection that your family and property need.

Klip Lok roofs are no exception and will guarantee longevity only if treated accordingly.

What is Klip Lok Roofing?

Klip Lok roofing is a strong and durable long length roof (or wall) cladding. As the name suggests, Klip Lok is secured with concealed fasteners and fixed clips. This allows the sheets to be secured without being punctured. This cladding is ideal for low pitched and flat roofs as well as vertical and horizontal ribbed walling. As there are no exposed fasteners, your roof will have a smooth, clean look. Klip Lok roofs are ideal for anyone looking for an easy to install material that is cost-effective.

How to Maintain Your Roof

Like all roofs, Klip Lok Roofing needs to be properly maintained and looked after. The material is strong, but like all metals, it will break if sufficient force is applied to it.

Here is our advice for taking care of this roofing:


Over time, our roofs become littered with debris from trees. Leaves, twigs and branches can clog up our roof and gutters, causing blockages. Scoop up the debris by hand or scoop it up. Any mud that is stuck on the roof will also need to be washed off with high-pressure water. Once removed, check to see if the debris has made any punctures in the roof or gutters.


When cleaning your roof, you must be careful with the material as you can damage it. When setting up your ladder, don’t lean it up against the roof or flashing. Always ensure the ladder is just below the guttering and that you have enough room to work. Never, under any circumstance, latch onto the gutter or roof. Even though Klip Lok Roofs don’t have any visible fasteners, you are at risk of damaging the roof, or worse, losing your grip and severely injuring yourself.


If you are not comfortable with climbing onto your roof, don’t do it. Having your roof professionally cleaned will save you time and potential injury. All roof cleaners use high-pressure hoses to clean roofs and are equipped with safety equipment and harnesses. Having your roof professionally cleaned also allows the cleaner to inspect any damage that may be present.

Having a well-maintained roof is an essential part of your home. As leading roofing and walling suppliers in Sydney, we offer exceptional products to enhance your roof. Choose Klip Lok roofing for a smooth finish that won’t break the bank to buy and install. If you would like to learn more about our product range, contact us today on (02) 9540 2966.