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The Most Common Problems Found During Roof Check Ups

The Most Common Problems Found During Roof Check Ups

Your roof is an incredibly sturdy structure but that doesn’t mean it won’t have some occasional problems. After all, it is the first line of defence for your home.

To help you better protect your roof, we’ve put together a list of common problems that are found during roof check-ups.

Water Intrusion

When it comes to problems with your roof, you just can’t go past water. No matter what type of roof you have, problems with moisture can always occur, especially as your roof ages.

You most often find water coming in through cracks and openings in your roof. Wherever there is a penetration or interruption of the roofing material, you have a chance for water to seep through the fastenings.

In addition, you might find water intrusions where nails weren’t put in correctly, or where panels weren’t joined correctly. You will also find water intrusion from any cracked or broken shingles.

If you notice excessive moisture on your roof, call an expert immediately. A roofing professional contractor will be able to resolve your problem quickly, preventing further structural damage and more expensive repairs.

Problems Based on Material


As they age, asphalt shingles tend to cup either upwards or downwards. They may even start to blister and lose their granules, which will begin to expose the material holding the product together. Ageing and damaged shingles become more susceptible to water intrusion, leading to stained ceilings and walls, mouldy and decayed foundations and general structural damage.


Wooden shingles tend to age in a similar way to asphalt shingles. They can cup, lift, curl and split. If you have damaged wooden shingles, watch out for insect damage and rotting.


Roofing tiles are quite hardy and they generally have a rather long life expectancy. Unfortunately, these tiles can also expand and contract as the weather becomes hotter and colder. This causes them to crack and become loose on the roof, giving them an aged and damaged look.


Metal roofing generally doesn’t have the same problems as other materials. It can withstand damage from the sun, wind, rain and snow much better than its counterpart materials and it is lightweight but strong enough to stand on.

The problems you’ll find with metal roofing come with improper instalments. For example, if the roofing contractor did not prepare the adhesives to join the panels together correctly, they will not do their job efficiently and will instead allow water to seep in.

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