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The Profile Question – What’s Right for Your Roof

The Profile Question – What’s Right for Your Roof

Choosing the right roof for your home can be daunting, particularly if you don’t know much about roofs. With so many materials and styles to choose from, installing a new roof needs careful consideration. If you are not sure where to begin, talk to an expert.

The Right Roof for Your Home

Every house is different, which is why choosing the right roof for your home is important. If you are building a new home, your builder will discuss which roof is right for the property. If you are reroofing, your installer will do an inspection of the area. If a new roof style can be fitted, the costs will vary depending on:

  • Materials needed
  • If the area needs new shingles or beams

Always consult with a roofing expert about reroofing. They will advise you on the best options for your home and the cost of installation.

Types of Roofs

Gone are the days where Australian homes either had either a pitched or flat roof. These days, there are many different roof options to choose from. Some are contemporary, while others are more modern.

Here are some popular roofing profiles to choose from:


A pitched roof with a difference, the hip roof has four sides that merge at a ridge. Most popular in areas with strong winds, the hip roof is structurally sound and self-bracing.


The bonnet roof is popular on homes around bushland or those on larger blocks. The roof has a slope on two sides that converges to a covered area, generally a porch or veranda.


A popular roof design, the butterfly roof is an inversion of a pitched roof. Built with Colorbond Steel, the inversion is perfect for trapping rainwater. You won’t even need a gutter around the perimeter of this roof! 


Installing a roof isn’t cheap, but it is an investment that could last a lifetime. Choosing the right material for your roof will provide your home with invaluable protection.

Here are some popular materials with homeowners and roofing professionals:


Traditionally, most roofs were fitted with tiles as they are stylish and can adapt to the Australian climate. However, tiles also need to be cleaned at least once a year to prevent mould. Unfortunately, tiles will start to loosen and will need replacing over time.


Colorbond roofing combines visual appeal with incredible durability. Manufactured to meet the needs of Australian roofs, Colorbond can survive even the hottest climate. Guaranteed to last, Colorbond also comes in array of colours to suit your needs. Speak to use about picking the right colour for your roof.

A new roof will add much-needed comfort and value to your home. As a leading supplier of roofing and walling material, we are here to help. One Stop Roofing offers you exceptional products and customer service. If you have a question, our team is willing to help. Get in touch with us today on (02) 9540 2966.