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A New Roof Can Help You Save on Your Energy Bill – Here’s How!

A New Roof Can Help You Save on Your Energy Bill – Here’s How!

If you’ve been grimly watching your energy bills spike in recent years, like many Australians, there’s an easy solution. A new roof, or in some cases, a roof upgrade. Even if you have a brand new home, you may find that your energy bills are somehow costing more than you’d like.  Fortunately, you can invest in saving some money on your roof. This article will show you how.

How old is Your Roof, and What Sort of Condition Is It In?

The usual culprits for air conditioning going 24/7 are older, poorly insulated roofs. Sometimes the roof’s OK, it’s the insulation that’s the problem or a combination of roof and insulation. Another possible issue is years of neglect; older homes may not have had the proper maintenance they need.

In any case, you do need new roofing. A “new roof” may mean literally a new roof or a mix of roofing improvements. The good news for homeowners is that modern roofing is way superior to old style roofing, and far more energy efficient.

Talk to the Experts Before You Spend a Cent

Please be aware – You do need a proper, professional assessment of your roof before making any sort of financial commitment. You need more information about the condition of your roof, to start with. You also need a good, accurate appraisal of possible costs, and possible problems, to make an informed decision.

Talk to professional roofers. They’ll inspect your roof inside and out. “Inside and out” is important. Sometimes, the exterior roof is in top quality condition, and the interior is a shambles of old timbers, old insulation, leaks, etc. The usual scenario with any energy-inefficient roof is that the old roof has been patched over, and the interior is a mess.

Your roofers will assess according to the best practice options:

  1. Is a new roof a better option that trying to glue together an old roof that’s well past its expiry date? (A new roof can actually be cheaper than trying to fix an old one, which may need more expensive maintenance anyway.)
  2. What’s the best option for a good, sealed, energy-efficient roof with no leaks or other issues? The usual best option is a real modern roof, complete with all the latest features, insulation, and guttering.

As you’ll have noticed, the options also give you a lot of choices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good new roof, particularly a modern Colorbond® roof with good up to date insulation. You can go into depth and detail with your roofers about the best cost-efficient choices for your home, too.

Want to Add Some Value to Your Home, While You’re at it?

Another good option for your roofing is to add an attic, or with higher roofs, a lot more space. This is a great option, and your roofers can cost it for you. You get:

  • A new, cost-effective roof that will save you energy costs for decades
  • More space
  • Solve any problems with the existing roof
  • A good exterior look, adding more “curb appeal” when you want to sell

You started out with a problem roof and wound up with a high-value asset. That’s what a new roof can do for you.

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