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Choosing Colorbond Roof Colours For Your New Roof!

Choosing Colorbond Roof Colours For Your New Roof!

 Colorbond Roofing is famous for its incredible range of colour choices. There are plenty of options, but how do you decide from so many? If you’re looking at a new roof, roofing for extensions, or major home improvements, it’s worth taking the time to see all the possibilities.

The Colorbond range is a mix of good taste and very practical colour choices for modern homes. If you’re looking at choices for quality exterior presentation, Colorbond’s range is a great place to start. You can see a whole spectrum of colour choices, combinations, and mixes for your exterior look.

Selecting the appropriate colour to match the colour of your Colorbond roof is an essential choice. It will have a significant effect on the overall appearance and feeling of your property. Colorbond is an extremely popular option by homeowners since it’s long-lasting, easy to maintain, and appears great. Here are some suggestions about how to select the best Colorbond roof colours:

1. Imagine how the property will look like on the street

Your curb appeal house will be affected by the hue of the Colorbond roof. The roof will be among the first things that people see when driving through your property and must reflect the design of the property.

2. Think about the colours you currently use on your house

If you have other colours in your home that complement each other, choose the same when choosing the Colorbond roofing colours. In the case example, if you have bricks that are red, then add an orange or red-tinted Colorbond roof that matches the bricks.

3. Sun Exposure 

If you reside in a region that has lots of sun, you should consider opting for darker shades like black or charcoal grey to ensure they won’t change over the course of time.

4. Lighting

One of the first things to think about is lighting within your house. If there is natural light streaming into your living area. You may wish to choose a light hue of Colorbond such as creamy or white. The light will reflect efficiently and create a home that will appear larger than it really could be. 

If you reside in an area that has little daylight, it’s best to select darker shades such as brown or black because they absorb light more effectively than lighter shades like cream or white. 

5. The first step is to determine the goal for the Colorbond roofing

If you’re planning to build a new house or remodel an existing one, it’s important to determine if you’d like an appealing or practical roofing. If the latter, take into consideration whether you’d prefer something that is a part of the surrounding landscape or stands out in contrast. If it’s functional, take into consideration factors like the durability of your furniture and its resistance to weather when picking the colours.

Common Colorbond Roof Colours

The Colorbond colour chart is a great place to start when it comes to your range of options. The question is – how will each colour look on your home? Do you want mixed colours, different coloured guttering, a fabulous green, or a beautiful blue? How about a dark but elegant red?

There are many popular Colorbond roof colours that are well-liked by homeowners. They include:

Grey – Grey is a neutral colour that goes perfectly with the majority of aspects of the exterior of your house. Also, it provides a good degree of privacy as it’s very difficult to view your backyard through the streets when there’s a Grey Colorbond on the roofing.

Light Brown – It’s another well-known neutral shade that is popular for Colorbond roofing and works nicely with other elements on the exterior of your house. Additionally, it offers a great amount of privacy since it’s very difficult to observe your garden in the distance when you’ve got the light brown Colorbond that’s on the roof.

Dark Brown – Dark-brown Colorbond roofing has become popular as they have a bit more contrast than lighter brown roofs and is still able to blend into many other features of the exterior of your house. Additionally, they offer good privacy.


The Colorbond visualiser

The Colorbond visualiser allows you to mix and match colours on a palette of common home designs. Take the time to experiment with colours, tones, and combinations.

Choose between housing styles, and even match your roofing with your fencing, using this very handy and very helpful software.

This is how it works:

  • Click on the Colorbond visualiser link above
  • Choose a type of house, from traditional, coastal, country and contemporary
  • You’ll get a screen of your choice and the Colorbond colours
  • The basic entry screen defines which parts of the house you select, like roofing, walls, and guttering
  • Click on a part of the house you’ve selected
  • A colour chart will appear
  • Click on the colours to see how each will look
  • Click ‘Done’ to save your selection

As you can see, you’ll get an instant mix-and-match selection for each part of the home. Click on other parts of the house and add colour choices. It’s a good idea to try variations on colours, too. Which blue, for example, looks better? Do you want to try different colours on different parts of the house?

This is a quick way to get an accurate picture of the colour and how it will look on your home. Experiment with a few colour choices to make effective comparisons and narrow down your selection with each choice.

You may also want to try colour combinations in a range of houses. This comparison option is helpful if your home has a particular type of roof, but another type of main house configuration.

Some tips on how to verify whether the colour of your roof matches the colour of your Australian house or not.

Selecting the best Colorbond roof colours isn’t something to be made lightly. Colorbond’s range includes over 100 different colours and are able to be combined and mixed to make your own distinctive style. With so many choices to choose from, how can you determine which is best for you and your home? Therefore, seek out expert guidance from a professional Roofer. Here are some suggestions to try different colours prior to selecting the ideal roofing colour:

Check out the swatches in different periods during the day

Most people select the colour based on their favourite shade from the colour chart, however, it’s vital to know the way it appears in various lighting circumstances. Try the different shades at various periods of time and make sure they match the architecture of your house and its surroundings prior to making your final choice.

Consider your landscaping

If your yard has a flat or monochromatic appearance or is dull, a bright shade of green might be exactly what you require to breathe life into your garden! If you’ve got lots of vegetation around your home already (like trees or plants) and you want to keep it simple, then a subtle hue is more appropriate to compliment this natural design. It is also possible to add additional elements such as plants or flowers that will aid in bringing everything into an overall design!

Utilise online tools

Before beginning painting, you can use an online tool to find suggestions for colour designs. Additionally, you can make use of these tools to design colour palettes using the current colours of the paint in your home, to be aware of which colours are most compatible with the paint you already have.

Use the color wheel

The colour wheel can be an essential tool for every interior design or architectural professional. It assists you in choosing shades that are compatible and do not clash. Also, it gives you an idea of which colours are considered warm, and which are considered cool.

Get expert advice

If you’re not sure what Colorbond roofing option will work best for your home, get expert advice from a professional Colorbond roofer. They will help you choose the right colour for your property and attributes. They will also be able to advise you on how you can maintain your roof’s appearance so that it appears good year-round.


I hope that this information will help to make the best option for your Colorbond roof colours. If you’re unsure whether you’ve picked the right colour for your house you can contact our specialists who can provide advice on selecting the right shade for your personal requirements, preferences, and style.

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