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Common Metal Roofing Problems and Fixes

Common Metal Roofing Problems and Fixes

Metal roofing is unique among roofing materials due to one very important factor – metal roofing is easier and cheaper to repair than other types of roofing. We’re going to give you a quick shopping list of problems, followed by the quick fixes that can be implemented.


In Australia, metal roofing is used as the better option in a vast number of buildings and different environments. The problems tend to be similar, though:

  • Loose panels: This is more common in older roofing which has been subjected to heat and cold, causing the metal to expand and contract over time. These loose panels can be trouble if they’re not fixed. If the roof is old, there may also be structural issues to consider.
  • Rattling noises: Rattling means a roofing clip, or several, have come loose. This issue should be fixed ASAP because the panel(s) may detach, creating a gap in the roofing and letting in water and debris.
  • Guttering: The best guttering for metal roofing is dedicated metal guttering, designed for use with metal roofs and secured properly to the roof structure. Guttering, however, can have its own problems, particularly if the gutters aren’t regularly cleaned and inspected. If there’s any question of guttering problems, fix the problems ASAP. You could wind up with a costly replacement job and/or some nasty leak issues.
  • Roof interiors: The signs of interior roof issues may vary from apparent leaks to smells, insulation discolouration, or other indicators of water gaining entry. Check and fix these problems quickly because they can get progressively worse.
  • Rust: This is not usually a problem with modern metal roofing. However, if rust is obviously severe or affecting roofing panel edges, replace the panels as this could lead to leaking. Upgrade to galvanised roofing, modern sheet metal roofing or Colorbond roofing.

What to Do about Metal Roofing Problems

Obviously, any roofing problems will need fixing, but a word of advice –

  • Don’t try to fix the problems yourself, particularly if you’d be working alone.
  • Roofing work can be very dangerous, especially on an old, damaged or unsafe roof.

Leave it to the experts. Just make sure your roofing is repaired as soon as possible. Call your roofing suppliers and installers and get some practical advice about costs, fixes for specific problems, and you’ll get all the help you need.

With professional help, you can cost your repairs accurately and get useful advice about repairing and/or upgrading your roofing. The advice alone can save you a lot of money and frustration.

Need Help with a Problem Roof in Sydney?

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