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How to Use Metal Roofing for Modern Rustic Design

How to Use Metal Roofing for Modern Rustic Design

“Modern rustic design” is an expression that refers to the rebirth of older architectural designs. Many older designs, particularly in Australia, are getting a new lease of life with CAD technology and some pretty inspired new “rustic” finishes. These designs incorporate all the modern home features but with the old-style look.

Of course, using older designs, particularly older roofing designs, brings with it a few cost issues. For big homes with multiple roofing features like American-style attic lofts and big Australian verandah roofing, big expenses are a possibility.

The solution is metal roofing. Modern metal roofing can be adapted to a truly stunning variety of different designs. It’s also undeniably the most cost effective solution for large roof areas.

Metal Roofing and Modern Rustic Designs – the Perfect Mix of Cost and Style

Budget-wary Aussie homeowners have taken to modern rustic styles with gusto. They love the gorgeous looks and the extraordinary range of styles that modern rustic roofing delivers.

The practical aspects of metal roofing for these types of designs include:

  • Easy adaptability to any design configuration: Metal roofing is ultra-versatile in terms of roofing styles. Roofing insulation is also excellent, which is very important for larger homes with high energy costs and onsite environmental needs.
  • Toughness and structural reliability: Modern metal roofing is precision cut and precision installed to deliver excellent product life and durability.
  • Very low maintenance costs: The defining signature of metal roofing is that it rarely needs maintenance, and if it does, it’s cheap and easy to repair.

You can see why architects and designers now opt for metal roofing in preference to any other kind of roofing. On any level of architectural difficulty, metal roofing delivers excellent coverage, excellent cost benefits, and quality performance.

Other types of roofing may also require complex structures and supports to carry their weight, such as conventional roofing tiles. This is another very important consideration in core architectural design values, particularly for costing, because it impacts the cost of the entire house structure.

Looking at Modern Rustic Designs for Your Home?

If you’re considering modern rustic designs, you can look forward to having a lot of fun choosing the look you want. Some of these designs are truly beautiful. Talk to your architect or designer about roofing and ask about roofing costs and architectural issues.

You’ll hear the same thing from architects, builders, and expert renovators – Metal roofing is definitely the way to go, both for your budget and range of choices of designs. Professional roofers will also tell you that for these more complex designs, metal roofing is the best all-round option.

Dreaming of a Modern Rustic Roofing Design in Sydney?

One Stop Roofing is a full-service metal roofing and roof services supplier in Sydney. For all the help you need with your modern rustic roofing, call us or contact us online. We can help with all aspects of your roofing, materials, design selections and everything you need for your fabulous new modern rustic home