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Why Is Colorbond Roofing So Popular in Australia?

Why Is Colorbond Roofing So Popular in Australia?

There aren’t many products in Australia that could be unarguably called the “default” choice for Australian homeowners. When it comes to home roofing, Colorbond is definitely the exception.

This brand has a fantastic and well-deserved reputation for excellent products. Colorbond is a trusted brand for roofing and fencing and is an instantly recognisable brand for both. It’s also the only brand which is routinely stocked by leading roofing suppliers, simply because it’s so popular.

The “Colorbond Factor” in Roofing

Colorbond has a few advantages when it comes to roofing. One of those advantages is the huge range of colour options. Colorbond offers multiple colour options where most brands offer just a few. For Australia’s house-proud and fussy housing market, more choices are definitely better. Take one look at a Colorbond colour chart and you’ll be in no doubt why Colorbond is a market leader.

The other “Colorbond factors” are all about the roofing itself:

  • Excellent design potential: Colorbond roofing can be adapted to any kind of roofing design, from ultra-modern to modern rustic and traditional roofing designs.
  • Top quality product performance: Colorbond is highly respected in the roofing trade for its exceptional long life reliability and durability. It’s the original “no worries” roofing in Australia.
  • Very low maintenance needs: Ask anyone who’s ever had a Colorbond roof, and you will hear one of two things: “Never needed to repair it” or “Only had to repair one panel in 20 years”, and the repair will be some storm or tree damage.

That, in fact, is why Colorbond remains one of Australia’s most trusted brands after so many years on the market. The Colorbond reputation for quality is impeccable.


Colorbond roofing is the perfect metal roofing option for any kind of building. You can use Colorbond for a traditional home, a modern mansion, or an avant-garde architectural design.

Colorbond roofing can be used for both mainstream and very complex roofing designs. Some of the latest homes on the market have multiple roofing surfaces, including attics/lofts and other features. Colorbond roofing can be used for these designs to deliver a lightweight, super-strong and dependable roofing solution.

That’s also the case with renovations, extensions and home upgrades. If you’re considering a new extension or addition to your home, Colorbond is the quick, top quality roofing solution. Don’t be too surprised if your designer recommends it as the better cost option, either. Metal roofing offers great solutions without the architectural complications of tile roofing, at a significantly lower cost base.