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Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

When it comes to roofing, there are plenty of eco-friendly options to consider and many benefits for your home and the environment to enjoy.

Innovative roofing design can impact positively on energy use, benefiting the environment at the design, manufacturing and installation stages. Similarly, certain materials and designs are more environmentally friendly, providing a range of advantages long after your roof has been installed.

Let’s have look at the options and consider the situations where these roofing materials work best. 

Roofing Made from Recycled Materials

Recycling is one of the cornerstones of pro-active environmental resource management. With so many homes being built, roofing that makes use of existing materials dramatically reduces landfill and saves on the energy and materials used in production.

  • Metal roofing is 100% recyclable and a great option for Australian homes
  • Recycled shingles are also an option, making use of otherwise wasted materials. One drawback is their darker colour. Recycled shingles are not available in the lighter shades which more suited to heat management, making them less effective at naturally cooling your home.
  • Sustainably sourced wood shingles are eco-friendly and look stunning. The drawback is that they are costly and not ideal in areas where bushfires pose a threat.
  • Clay tiles are great for ventilation and reducing energy use, and they’re made from natural materials, meaning no toxic residue from production. Clay tiles can be costly, though, and are more easily damaged that metal roofing. They also require more infrastructures to support them as they are heavier than metal roofing.


Cool roofs save on energy use, which is good for the environment and for reducing your heating and cooling costs. Cool roofs are built in lighter colours that naturally reflect the heat. Colorbond also comes with an inbuilt thermal reflector so light and heat radiate off the roof, further adding to the cooling effect. 


These innovative designs feature living plants on rooftops. The greenery provides a naturally cooling effect on the home as well as adding to circulating oxygen and creating a wonderful aesthetic. Some maintenance is required, so it is worth considering this before installing a green roof.


This design feature adds shaded areas around your home in key locations, creating a passive cooling effect on your home, and reducing energy consumption.


Solar panels can be fixed to existing roofs to convert your power usage to solar. Technology and design in solar roofing are evolving rapidly, with panels now available as roof tiles and Tesla roof tiles not too far off. This form of roofing effectively converts your roof into its own energy producing site, providing welcome relief from energy costs to households and the planet.

Do you want to enhance your home with an eco-friendly roof? For more information about metal roofing and environmentally friendly roofs, contact One Stop Roofing today. We are Sydney’s roofing supplies specialists, offering a range of products including Colorbond roofing.