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New Homeowners – Here How to Choose the Right Roof

New Homeowners – Here How to Choose the Right Roof

While it is undoubtedly one of the most important features of your new home, you may not have given much thought to your roof.

Aside from providing shelter from the elements, the roof is an integral part of the structure and design of your property. Your choice of roof can affect the internal floor plan as well as the external appearance of your home. In fact, the roof can affect everything from temperature to the sounds you hear inside the home.

It is important to be informed when making the decision to replace or install your roof. One Stop Roofing understands this, which is why we’ve compiled a few points you might want to consider.

Initial Cost vs Long Term Performance

When choosing a roofing material, the cost will be a big factor.  While metal roofing such as Colorbond is highly appealing and very popular, it is also more expensive. So how do you know if it’s right for you?

Metal roofing might cost more initially, but for many, the long-term benefits make it a worthwhile investment. Once installed, it requires very little maintenance and it outlives any other roofing in terms of longevity.

Tiles are less costly to install, but once you factor in extras such as insulation and painting, the cost margin between the two diminishes. If you are planning to live in a property, considering durability, longevity and maintenance requirements is important.

Flexible Design – Pitch and Colours

Tiles come in a range of styles and colours as do metal roofing materials. Colorbond offers the widest range of colours and with One Stop Roofing; you have up to 22 to choose from.

You can use our colour visualisers to help you decide and let your creativity take over. When it comes to your roof gradient, the pitch on a metal roof can be lower and this can be factored into the design of your home.

Ease of Installation

There are times when ease of installation and speed are important. If you are repairing a damaged roof and want to get it up as soon as possible, metal roofing is the quickest to install.

Wind Rating

If you are in a high wind area, make sure your roof is properly weighted or tied down. Tiles are naturally heavier and will weigh themselves down. If you are replacing a tile roof with a steel or aluminium one, the correct battens must be installed and it must be tied down.

Water Proofing

A metal roof will shed heavy rain, allowing you to turn rainwater into grey water for your home or garden. Concrete or terracotta tiles will also shed water but not as effectively. They are porous and will absorb some of the liquid, making them heavier. If you are replacing an existing roof with tiles, make sure the correct supports are in place or added if necessary.

Fire Resistance

Metal and concrete tile roofing are fire resistant. But some environmentally friendly or green roofing, such as thatch roofing, will not be. This is something to consider in the Australian landscape.

Energy Efficiency

Both metal and tile roofing provide insulation against the heat. Tiles have a natural thermal quality, while metal roofing such as Colorbond is constructed with a reflective component so light and heat radiates off the roof. Choosing a light colour in areas that are heat-affected will further reduce internal temperatures. This saves on the cost of cooling your home. A green roof will also greatly impact on your internal temperature, keeping your home cool.


Tiles offer natural soundproofing if noise bothers you. Metal roofing will need an added layer of insulation if you desire complete quiet, though many find the sound of rain drumming on the roof comforting.


Tiles can be individually replaced, making them easy to repair after localised storm damage. Metal roofing comes in sheets, meaning the whole sheet will need replacing.

Colorbond has its paint bonded or baked into it, so it keeps its colour while tiles will need repainting in time. Green roofing will need some upkeep, with the needs of living plants tended to and the impacts of weather accounted for.

Choosing a roof is a big decision. One Stop Roofing can help you make that decision easy. For more information about new roofing options, contact us today.